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Stacer – Free System Optimizer And Monitoring Tool For Linux

Linux is a well-optimized operating system. Even though it’s well-optimized, you need to monitor your system resources and performance from time to time. As people are installing and removing software on a regular basis, the Linux system might get cluttered over time.

Stacer is a System Optimization tool for Linux and is one of the best in the market. If your system gets cluttered with junk, or you need to monitor certain services, Stacer can help you.

What Is Stacer?

Stacer is a System Optimizer and Monitoring Tool for Linux. It’s an open-source project developed by Oguzhan Inan. You can check Stacer’s GitHub page. Stacer is written mostly in C++. This means it can perform better without any system hiccups.

This system optimizer helps you to monitor and optimize the overall Linux system performance. It has a beautiful Dashboard to display Host Info and stats of your system resources like CPU, RAM, Disk, and Network. It is an all-in-one package to optimize your Linux operating system.

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Features Of Stacer

Stacer is a feature-packed Linux system optimization tool. This open-source application offers many useful features like System Cleanup, Manage Startup Applications, Uninstalling Applications, Hardware Resource Monitor, and much more. Let’s see all the features in detail.

Dashboard – System Info & Resource Overview

The Dashboard is the first page of Stacer. It shows your CPU, Memory, Disk, and Network Usage in a very nice graphical way. It also shows the System Info like your Hostname, Linux Platform, Distribution, Kernel Release, and CPU Info. It’s a complete overview of your Linux System.

Stacer - Dashboard

Startup Apps – Manage Startup Applications

The Startup Apps page is very convenient to manage startup applications. You can easily –

  • add startup applications
  • enable or disable them using the toggle switch
  • remove them by clicking the cross button.

To add an application at system startup, click on the Add Startup App button, and type the App Name, App Comment, Command, and Save it. You can also edit an entry using the Pen icon for each listed application.

Stacer - Startup Apps

System Cleaner – Unwanted File Cleaner To Free Up Space

If you have used Windows before then you might have heard of various system cleaning utilities like CCleaner. People often use it on Windows to remove unwanted files and caches. Stacer does similar things here in Linux. It can clear Package Caches, Crash Reports, Application Logs, Application Caches, Temporary Files, and Trash in a single click.

You can delete everything at once or you can manually select what to delete. It is very simple to use and by far the best Linux system optimizer.

Stacer - System Cleaner Stacer - Clean System

Search – Search Files System-wide

This is a unique feature that allows you to search files system-wide. It is still in beta so you may face bugs. Sometimes it misses the search, crashes, or finds completely wrong results. It is not in a good form for now and needs improvement.

Stacer - Search

Services – Manage System Services

This is an advanced tool for a Linux user. This portion allows you to manage all the Services of your Linux system. You can easily make any specific service Startup at boot just by turning on the first toggle switch. And if you want to turn on/off any service, click the right toggle switch to make it activated/deactivated.

Stacer - Services

Processes – Handle Running Processes

This Processes page allows you to see all the running processes of your Linux system. It is a very minimal and easy-to-understand layout. You can see through all the running processes and find which application is bothering your system.

By default, it only shows user processes, but you can see all the root and user processes by clicking the All Processes button. It will then show you all the processes running system-wide.

Here you can see the PID of every single process, Memory usage, and CPU usage. You can select your resource-hungry process and stop it by clicking the End Process button located at the bottom-right corner. You can also search for processes from the Search box.

Stacer - Process

Uninstaller – Uninstall Unwanted Packages

The Uninstaller is a very handy feature. You can easily see through all the installed packages and uninstall those that you don’t need anymore. You can also search for packages and uninstall them. But be careful, uninstalling random packages will cause your system to crash. So make sure you select the correct packages to uninstall.

Stacer - Uninstaller

Resources – Detailed Resource Monitor

If you are familiar with Ubuntu System Monitor or Gnome System monitor, this is kinda similar. You can see hardware resources history with nice colored graphs.

You can monitor the CPU Usage, Average CPU Load, Disk Read & Write, System Memory, Network, and File System. This is a very handy feature to monitor all the hardware resources simultaneously.

Stacer - Resources


Stacer is an excellent application. Its beautiful interface makes it even better. If you are looking for a system optimizer for Linux then Stacer would be a great choice for you.

If you are using Stacer already, give me your feedback. Did you like it or you have faced any problems? Let me know in the comment section below.

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