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Give Your Zorin OS A New Look With Skeuos GTK Theme

Zorin OS is a beautiful distro and heavily customized out of the box. But we can do some tweaks, and customize Zorin OS even further with this Skeuos GTK Theme. It’s one of the most beautiful themes for Linux. Zorin OS is a Ubuntu-based Linux distribution. It’s a beautiful and easy-to-use operating system. Zorin OS – Read More

How To Remove PPAs In Ubuntu? – Quick Guide

As you are here reading this post, you may want to remove PPAs in Ubuntu. PPA stands for Personal Package Archive. It’s a software archiving method developed by Canonical. Ubuntu has a service called Launchpad. It’s a platform that enables software developers to create and manage their PPAs. I have already discussed “What Are PPAs – Read More

How To Boot Into UEFI Firmware Settings In Windows 10?

In this post, we will learn how to boot into UEFI/BIOS. But before that, let’s understand the concept of these. BIOS or Basic Input/Output System is a firmware that initiates all the connected hardware, and peripherals, and strat-up the boot sequence. UEFI on the other hand is a modern firmware designed to replace the old – Read More

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Review | See What’s New

Ubuntu is an open-source GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian developed by Canonical Ltd. The first release was Ubuntu 4.10 (Warty Warthog) in October 2004. Ubuntu is an excellent distro and a good Windows and macOS alternative. Ubuntu is a highly customizable, feature-rich operating system with solid performance. And it is free. The latest Ubuntu 20.04 – Read More

How To Install Microsoft Fonts On Ubuntu? – 2 Easy Methods

Installing Microsoft Fonts on Ubuntu is easy but not easy enough for a new linux user. If you are a new linux user then it is obvious that you are running LibreOffice as your default office program. LibreOffice is a great free and open-source office program that comes pre-installed in Ubuntu and other linux distributions. – Read More

What Are Ubuntu Repositories And PPA? | Detailed Guide

As you are reading this article then you probably are a Ubuntu user. Ubuntu is a very popular linux distro that has great software support and an online community. When you install new software on Ubuntu, you use the sudo apt install command to install it. But have you ever wondered how these APT commands – Read More

How To Dual boot Ubuntu Alongside Windows 10? – Easy Guide

Dual boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu is a common scenario when someone needs these two operating systems in a single machine. Unlike a virtual machine, dual-booting allows operating systems to use real hardware resources. If you are a long-term Windows user and you want to switch to Ubuntu or any other Linux distro, the virtual – Read More