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How To Install Hashcat 6.2.5 On Ubuntu With nVidia GPU?

Hashcat is a powerful password recovery tool that security professionals widely use to crack complex passwords. It can crack a wide variety of password hashes, including those used in WPA/WPA2 wireless network authentication and MD5, SHA-1, and SHA-256 password hashes. In this article, I will walk you through the steps involved in installing Hashcat on – Read More

How To Install A DEB File In Ubuntu? – 4 Simple Ways

It’s a common habit for a new Ubuntu user to download a .deb file and try to install it. This is because new users often time come from Windows, where they used to run a .exe file to install the software. Debian or Ubuntu also can do this but the difference is the package formatting. – Read More

How To Install Ubuntu On Your PC/Laptop? – Full Guide

Ubuntu is a big name in the Linux world. It’s an open-source GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian developed by Canonical Ltd. Ubuntu is an excellent distribution and a good Windows and macOS alternative. Ubuntu is a highly customizable, feature-rich operating system with solid performance. If you are looking for a Windows or macOS alternative, then – Read More

Top 9 Best Linux Desktop Environments You Should Know

Linux Desktop Environments can be overwhelming for new Linux users. Each desktop environment has its own look and feel, features, and user interface. Distro hopping is very familiar among new Linux users. When you try different Linux distributions, you can see that there is a mixture of using different desktop environments. Ubuntu, Pop OS, and – Read More

Unlock The Full Potential Of Ubuntu Using Gnome Extensions

GNOME DE is a free and open-source desktop environment that is widely used in Linux. It is designed to provide a user-friendly and customizable interface for Linux users, with a focus on simplicity and ease of use. Gnome is the default desktop environment for many Linux distributions like Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, and many others. – Read More

7 Simple Ways to Check Your Ubuntu Version And System Info

This is a beginner question but an important one. If you are a new Linux user, this question is worth it. Every Linux distribution has its version and many have a codename. Ubuntu is one of them. Every Ubuntu release comes with a specific version number and a codename. Ubuntu’s LTS or Long-term Support release – Read More

How To Install TimeShift On Linux? – Ubuntu Fedora Arch

Timeshift is a powerful backup utility for Linux systems that allows you to create and manage system snapshots. With Timeshift, you can easily back up your entire system or selected files and directories, and restore them to a previous state if necessary. Installing Timeshift on Linux is very easy. Many Linux Distributions like Linux Mint, – Read More

Timeshift – Take Incremental System Snapshots On Linux

Backup and restore are critical components of any system administration strategy, and Linux is no exception. In the event of a data loss or system failure, having a robust backup and restore solution can mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and a major disaster. In Linux, there are several tools and strategies available for – Read More

How To Backup Brave Browser Session On Ubuntu?

Brave is a free and open-source web browser based on Chromium. The browser is designed to provide users with increased privacy and security features, as well as to improve website performance through its ad-blocking and tracking prevention technology. I have been using Brave Browser since 2019 and I am very satisfied with it. The website – Read More

How To Install RTL8821CU On Ubuntu Linux?

Simple things sometimes get tricky in Linux. Realtek Wi-Fi adapter driver is one of them. The rtl8821cu is a driver for the Realtek 8821CU Wi-Fi adapter. If you have a Realtek 8821CU Wi-Fi adapter, you might be facing an issue of not detecting the hardware on Ubuntu. It is because the driver is missing. You – Read More