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What is -i in Linux? Linux Command Flags Explained

Linux is an open-source operating system that offers an array of Linux commands that can be executed through the terminal. These commands often come with various options also known as flags. These flags can be used to modify the default behavior of such commands. The -i flag is one of them. The primary objective of – Read More

Your Gateway to Linux: Basic Linux Commands for Beginners

Linux, known for its powerful command-line interface, offers a vast array of commands that allow users to manage their systems efficiently. While the terminal might seem daunting to newcomers, understanding and using Linux commands can greatly enhance your experience with the operating system. In this article, we will explore some basic Linux commands, their functionalities, – Read More

Top 9 Best Linux Desktop Environments You Should Know

Linux Desktop Environments can be overwhelming for new Linux users. Each desktop environment has its own look and feel, features, and user interface. Distro hopping is very familiar among new Linux users. When you try different Linux distributions, you can see that there is a mixture of using different desktop environments. Ubuntu, Pop OS, and – Read More

The Power of Open-Source Software: 15 Compelling Reasons

I used to use proprietary software at my work for a long time. But now I have switched to open-source software for most of my work. During my transition, I saw many significant Advantages Of Open-Source Software. People often misunderstood free software and open-source software. Free software is not always open-source whereas open-source software source – Read More

Linux Swap Size Recommendation – Best Practices

Linux Swap can be confusing for many people. You might wonder, what is Linux Swap and what is it used for? How much Linux Swap do I need? If I have lots of RAM on my system, do I still need Linux Swap? These are common questions when deciding on the right Linux Swap size. – Read More

What Are Ubuntu Repositories And PPA? | Detailed Guide

As you are reading this article then you probably are a Ubuntu user. Ubuntu is a very popular linux distro that has great software support and an online community. When you install new software on Ubuntu, you use the sudo apt install command to install it. But have you ever wondered how these APT commands – Read More

What Is Dual-boot? How Does Dual-boot Work?

Dual-boot is a common topic in this PC world. Sometimes we need to make choices about whether to go for paid and proprietary software or free and open-source software. If you are a privacy-conscious person and want to have your freedom then Linux is the only way to go. Linux is not a first-hand adoption – Read More